Feasibility / Concept


A Feasibility study is an initial site and massing study to clarify your project brief. You can obtain an initial construction cost estimator from a builder or a Quantity Surveyor. We will provide concept plans and advise the best method to obtain authority approval.


Design Development


We progress to spatial designing and start generating the external building form, or 3D internally. The design of the project starts to take form here with our detailed design exploration.



Building Documentation


When council approves the design, additional documentation are
required for Construction Approval. Engineers are engaged and we
incorporate their feedback into the architectural drawings.
Once approval is obtained, construction can commence.


Construction Documentation


Although this stage has no formal authority submission, it is an important stage to ensure the project will be detailed exactly the way you want - your vision.

A simple CD, suitable for an owner builder. It consist of detailing the primary functions only.


A detailed CD considers the whole building in detail. Not only does it provide a more accurate tendering process (which leads to less time and cost variation during construction) but all areas of the built process will speak smoothly with each other.

We're here to discuss the level of CD that's right for you.

Built Process




There are different types of contract available.

We will coordinate with the tenderers to ensure the contract is suitable for you.


Contract Administration/

Design Project Management


For contracts that incudes an assessor (3 party contract. Builder, owner and assessor) We act as an independent assessor as well as your representative to ensure the project is on track and is constructed as per documented. We assess the build and we (not the builder) issues out variations and progress claims. This arrangement reduces miscommunication between the owner and the builder.


For contracts that do not have an assessor (Builder & Owners only), we purely act as a consultant to the client. We are not part of the contract but will answer any questions from the builder or the owners to ensure a high quality built to bring you a stress free process.